Sustainability & Quality


Kazai Studios is responsible with resources.
We use multiple certified natural and synthetic fibers from recognized manufacturers for our products.

You can find a selection of certificates here:


Only traditional seeds are used in the cultivation of organic cotton. The genetic engineering commonly used in conventional cotton is prohibited. Due to a less efficient but economical irrigation technique, water consumption is significantly lower. For fertilization, farmers use only natural methods instead of synthetic chemical agents, thus protecting the soil, biodiversity and the health of the workers.

For our synthetic fibers, we use only recycled polyester (rPET). Plastic bottles, which otherwise end up in landfills in Southeast Asia and from there very often in oceans, are used to obtain rPET. Increased demand favors the establishment of recycling infrastructure in those countries that currently import much of the world's plastic waste. By reusing existing polyester, the demand for crude oil is reduced enormously, as well as avoiding the production of new plastics. In terms of quality, recycled polyester is equivalent to virgin polyester and requires significantly less energy and water.


Our fits are optimized in a careful development process until the fits look modern and aesthetic on a wide variety of figure types.

Numerous details of the highest quality (e.g. patches and ribbons made of vegan leather, fine woven labels, elaborately manufactured metal applications, etc) complete the distinctive look & feel of Kazai Studios.